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Video: Ghost Hunters - Waverly Sanatorium
2008 Allegan Paranormal Conf. Oct. 17-18th - Michigan
31 Days of Halloween - Encounters of the Unexplained
John Oliver On Apocalypse Literature
Paranormal group seeks members - Ontario Canada
New Yorker Film Festival: The 5 Scariest Movies Ever?
The Ghosts Project - Salt Lake City, UT
NDE, guardian angel research projects connected?
West Virginia’s most popular specter continues to haunt
Parkersburg hosts its 12th annual ghost tours of downtown
Trailer Poltergeist - True Tales
'666' road sign thefts bedeviling roadways
Ghosts and spooks - Kentucky Area Paranormal Society
Video: Remote Viewing by Joe McMoneagle
Video: The Most Horrific EVP Ever Recorded
The Technology Of The Ghost Hunters
Appleton: Local winery to be featured on 'Ghost Hunters'
Goblin in the Woods - True Tales
Church has museum devoted to ghosts and paranormal
Careful, Mayor Autry. Ghosts are REAL …
Paranormal Investigators of New England - Logo contest
A Haunting in Harborne - My Own Experiences
Huntin' Ghosts With Sci Fi's Ghost Hunters
Haunted Holzers in East Hampton
Life Full Of Ghosts - Your Ghost Stories
Floating Head - True Tales
Zoo Halloween events offer more fun, less fright

‘Something really weird is goin’ on here’
Historic house haunted? The Small House
A Ghost Hunters Guide To Night Tours of Alcatraz
The Six Psychic Senses
Deborah LeBlanc, horror writer and Paranormal Investigator

Doctor Claims He Can Prove There's Life After Death
Last Goodbyes from Beyond
Ghost Hunters at The ScareHouse - Etna, PA Oct 4th
Grandma's Doppelganger - True Tales
Moving on - ghosts!
Local Group Investigates Historic Haunts At Cowtown
Pushed by an Angel - True Tales
Corner of the Sky: Ghosts at the Crescent
Top Ten Most Hauntd Cities In America
Mini-Dino - True Tales

Radio: Eastside Paranormal - Sept 30th
Radio: Michigan Paranormal Underground Radio-Sept 30th
Radio: TOGA Talk All Things Paranormal - Sep 30th
Radio: Haunted Southern Nights w/Chris Fleming-Sept 30th
Radio: Horoscopes and Paranormal -Sept 30
Radio: Mass Paranormal - Sept 30
Radio: The Paranomaly Radio Network - Oct 2
Radio: What is the real Space Alien - Luciferian reality-Oct 2
Radio -
HMPR - Paranormal and EVP - Oct 2
Radio: Paranormal Reality - demons and ghost talk-Oct 2nd
Radio: Paranormal and Ghosts talk - Oct 2nd
Radio: Famously Haunted - White Noise - Oct 3rd
Radio: Joliet Paranormal - Oct 4th
Radio: Psychic Channeler Michele Meiché Ph.D.- Oct 5th
Radio: MASS Paranormal - ghost and hauntings - Oct 6th
Radio: Reincarnation, NDE's, OBE's, Ghosts - Oct 6
Radio: One Step Beyond Reality w/Psychic Sonya-Oct 6

Radio: Psychic,Reincarnation, NDE's, OBE's, Ghosts
Radio: Royce Holleman - Christianity & Paranormal
Radio: ISIS Paranormal - Rose Rosetree
A Glimpse Through The Veil - The Sallie House

New Clip From Ghost Hunters
Psychic Investigations: 25 Video clips
Paranormal Zone - 12 Video Clips
Supernatural:Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester
Discovery: "A Haunting" Sallie's House - Sep 30, 3pm
Discovery: "A Haunting" Hell House - Sep 30, 2pm
Alaska's Bermuda Triangle: Sept 30, 11pm
Destination Truth: Haunted Forest - Oct 1, 10pm
Ghost Hunters: Ghosts of the sunshine state - Oct 1, 9pm
History Channel: Kecksburg UFO - Oct 1, - 6 & 12pm
Discovery: "A Haunting" Cursed - Oct 1, 3pm
Discovery: "A Haunting" The Lake Club Horror-Oct 1, 2pm
Supernatural: In the Beginning - Oct 2, 9pm
Psychic Investigators: How Dark the Woods-Oct 4,11:30pm
Psychic Investigators: Lynsey Quy - Oct 4, 11pm

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