Friday, June 12, 2009


First a message from Ryan Buell.

I am proud and excited to finally deliver the news that Chad Calek and I are in production for an upcoming feature film. That's right, a movie. It is about the journeys we face as paranormal investigators, where we come from, and the people affected along the way. We will confront a life-long haunting that has terrorized so many, and hopefully, win the war that we've been fighting for so long.

The entire journey is being filmed and soon you will be able to come along with us.

This is something that Chad and I are doing together and that we have complete control over. We believe in it so much that we turned down offers to have it bought and produced by a third party. This is something we decided needed to be done ourselves. It's a privilege to be doing this with my friend, Chad.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm honored to officially announce, "American Ghost Hunter."

Soldier on!

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