Friday, December 11, 2009


A case manager and three women psychics help families who struggle with paranormal activity in their homes. This four-person team reads each home before they meet the families that live there, and then they sit down with the family to idenitfy the source of psychic conflict and rid their lives of the lingering negative spirits. The team includes: Sierra Campbell, an intuitive medium for the last 14 years who connects with spirits and allows them to communicate with her through her senses; Dawn Clare, a clairvoyant medium channeler who sees things related to a person that is more in spiritual and energy form; Tiffany Johnson, a tarot card reader who helps others by tapping into New Age Spirituality and deeper studies of holistic therapy; and Raiya Davidson, the case manager who gets historic facts about the building and background information from the families to guide the mediums.

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Sharon Day said...

Thanks for the heads up.
Wow. I almost wish TLC would go back to dwarfs, large families, tattoo artists, and cake bakers...I remember about 10 years ago when TLC was amazing--tons of documentaries on Bigfoot and UFOs and informative shows. It's like KFC trying to hide the "Fried" chicken part, TLC is trying to hide the "learning" part by didn't go unnoticed. I don't like to see ghost investigations going the way of the psychic and as a psychic, that probably sounds weird but they are exactly what's been wrong with the whole field. It's the spiritualists of the turn-of-the-century and charlatans who formed the whole "world of ghosts" as far as "ghosts are trapped, ghosts don't know they're dead, ghosts are seeking resolution..." I'm not pleased with this--too much like Paranormal State and that show is the Jerry Springer of ghost hunting shows. Okay, had that out. Enough said. Where the heck are serious scientists and researchers? Please, please, please get your own paranormal show!