Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Tremont Avenue Productions presents the first in a continuing set of webisode series - Tragic Hinsdale House. Step inside this 200-year-old former stagecoach stop where the Catholic Church performed an exorcism on February 14, 1974. Hear the stories of the Dandy family and its current owners - the Misnik's. Father Alphonsus Trabold from nearby St. Bonaventure University performed the exorcism as New York-based Psychic Alex Tanous completed a "de-psyching" of the house. The priest carried a tape recorder, which was transcribed into a document, then turned into a script for this re-creation. Our crew explores the house with paranormal investigator Michael Rambacher as we hear about what has gone on here. No scary music - but a candid investigation by guerrilla filmmakers who will take you to the scene - the actual rooms where the events played out.


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