Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This episode is now available in it's entirety on another page in this blog. Just click on the picture and it'll take you there.


Just a side note here first. A & E has scheduled Paranormal State to run on top of Ghost Lab. They'll both be running at 10pmET on Tuesdays. I'm sure the Discovery Channel isn't real happy about that. Anyway, I've been quite successful in getting the Ghost Lab videos up the day after their show airs and getting Paranormal State videos will be sticky, so you decide which one you're watching the night of the 15th and the following Tuesdays to come.

Joan and her boyfriend Tony are seeing apparitions and hearing hushed conversations in their New Jersey home. Both are concerned that the spirits are influencing their behavior: a non-drinker, Tony has turned to the bottle while Joan has thoughts of harming herself. PRS uncovers deaths inside the home with eerie connections to their alleged haunting, while Ryan considers the possibility that Tony is possessed. Psychic and demonologist Lorraine Warren joins PRS on the case.

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