Sunday, December 13, 2009


This is a 2 part video presentation by Sci Tech Pararnormal Investigations explaining the history of the Frank's Box and spirit/ghost communication. Part I covers the history of the Frank's Box and how the Frank's Box works. Part II shows a video of my version of the Frank's Box including several remarkable EVP's caught during my test sessions. I also present some very compelling proof that the Frank's Box is worthy of further study and that this form of communication may be more valid then invalid.

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Sharon Day said...

Oh brother! Yeah, I run into that a lot in the ghost hunting world--folks who believe you can use receivers to get voices. The recorded EVPs he demonstrated were barely class B and unintelligible. I think the Frank's box definitely distracts people from the important research in the field. So long as we use receivers, we're totally vulnerable to picking up anything rushing around in our air space.