Friday, February 20, 2009


TAPS investigates the Ruff Stone Tavern in North Providence, R.I. and the Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire.

Ghostly Conversation - Part 1

Ghostly Conversation - Part 2

Ghostly Conversation - Part 3

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Julie Ferguson said...

Hey! Cool blog! I'm a fan of GHI, but moreso of the original Ghost Hunters! March 11th it comes back! YAY!! Lol. But yeah, you got an awesome blog going on here!

You should check us out at our blog, Above the Norm. We talk about everything in the Paranormal world: ghosts, aliens, bigfoot, etc. We even recap every episode of GHI and Lost. I'll add ya as a favorite!

My name is Mike by the way, and my blog co-writer is Julie.