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The Scutt Mansion is a 3 story home built in the late 1800's by Hiram Scutt. Scutt was a prominent businessman who was president of Citizens Electric Company and held numerous early patents on barbed wire, thus the name "Barb Villa."

Two murders have been commuted in the property and 2 of the original owners have died in the house. Our medium said there are also spirits of children in the house, no record of children dieing in the house exist, and remains a mystery.


From Ed Shanahan: The Unexplained World
Yes I have been to this location during the day, matter of fact I was never there at night, until a couple of weeks ago. I have to say that during the day it is interesting, individuals felt things and one of the Investigators had a ghost box, and as I've always said, the Ghost box is interesting and it was during the day also, as was my Circle of Energy.

Then my first time at the Haunted Joliet Mansion at night with a group of individuals I took there along with our Amy and Jenelle , was a whole different experience, stronger in all ways, to the point that I had to keep walking outside, to take a break from whatever and get out of the mansion. Something was not right, I would not say it was wrong either, just not right in with what my experiences of the past 5 years are used to.

My Circle of Energy was much stronger for those who attended at night. Also what was interesting, some individuals instead of taking photos, watched in darkness their camera screen, as they viewed the orbs and lights shooting across the screen while in the doll room, and remember that this was without any flash.

A letter below received from Wayne, his first paranormal experience came by way of the Mansion and Ed Shanahan's Circle Of Energy: When I agreed to go along to the mansion in Joliet, I figured at best it would be an historic adventure. I was a paranormal virgin if u will.

Then I got upstairs to the "doll" room where there was already something goin on. I went to the west end of the room and my right arm got extremely cold.Only the right arm. I tried rubbing it and putting my coat on to no luck.

Then came the overwhelming sensation to get the hell outta that room and now. At that point I had no idea why I was leaving,only that I needed to go. I did not want to return to that room, but I did. Once again the same chill and the same desire to get out. When the circle came, things got stronger for me. Cold and the sense of being messed with.

Below is a short photo video view during the day of the Hiram B. Scutt Mansion.

1/2 of the ride home, my wife's friend (who was also in the circle) and I were really sick to our stomachs. Like having too much to drink and wanting to get sick. I was also detached for a New York minute. Once that passed then I trying to fight staying awake. Never felt like that.

It was as if I didn't sleep for a week. I fell asleep hard and woke up the next morning just as tired and felt scrambled. The whole day I felt like I was standing on one foot.

Peace be with you. Wayne

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trinibrees said...

Is there a catch to this, if there is it is hidden, by the way the clip was well done.

Meadda McCord said...

I spent a lot of time as a child in this home. I have always had an extreme case of paranormal sensitivity, and the doll room was the number one trigger to those "powers". When I was about 13 I was in the room alone, and one of the doll carriages began to move on it's own. I had the same urge to "get the hell out" of there, and it was literally as if the carriage was chasing me out of the room.