Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The Case: Clients Marissa and Jason are firefighters who work in a haunted firehouse. The two believe that the spirit is a former firefighter named Joe who died tragically in 2004. Jason has started to provoke Joe and he is starting to get violent. The women’s bathroom and the banquet hall are the two hot spots.

The Investigation: The investigation begins with a visit from Chip Coffey. He feels a lot of movement in the banquet hall and picks up on a man named Joe who has a very loud voice. He is targeting Jason because he isn’t doing things the way he is supposed to. Jason will know why he’s still around (when the team interviews him, he has no idea what Joe means by this). Chip learns that Joe killed himself.

Haunted Firehouse - Part 1

The team investigates during dead time. Bangs are heard all over the place but Ryan does a good job of debunking and comes up with a natural explanation for once. However, a door did close a bit on one investigator and the team has no explanation for it. The team gives it another shot on day two and Chip gets Joe to admit why he’s still there. Chip learns from Joe that Jason thought about suicide as well. Jason admits to it (he thought about it after he lost his daughter). Joe doesn’t want Jason to make the same mistake he did. He isn’t trying to annoy Jason, he’s just trying to save him.

Since PRS left, Joe is still active but the firefighters have stopped provoking him.

Haunted Firehouse - Part 2

Haunted Firehouse - Part 3

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