Thursday, February 12, 2009


Haunted Earth recently visited the ancient medieval church of St John which was built by the Knight`s Templar who were responsible for the Hospital Chapel of St John which was recently visited by us. This church is an embodiment of Old England and has survived the test of time to be one of the best preserved medieval buildings in the United Kingdom. The building as you will discover has some dark secrets to reveal, and hopefully you`ll join us as we enter this ancient portal to a time long since forgotten.

Some strange events occured during the recording of this investigation. Firstly, a pair of professional mic`s used to link wireless audio to a camcorder failed to operate despite being checked prior to use, and on another camcorder the video quality was diminished from normal creating a jagged movement effect on some video.
However after much editing and audio stripping I have managed to create a reasonably cohesive video presentation.

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