Thursday, October 16, 2008


Blossom Goodchild updates 16th October

She sure is a sincere and nice lady and she has a message in there that I find extremely important.

After all of the negative comments she received in her blog, she got a real good taste of what lives in this world today. There's a lot of bitterness and foolishness out there, especially in the youth. I've seen such things over the many days on YouTube and am completely appalled on how individuals carry on in the comments area. Those same kinds of individuals followed up their same routine directly in her own blog.

It's as if we're not human and more animal these days because no matter the message, she did it with good intent. Just because it didn't pan out doesn't make it her fault.

It all makes me wonder if ET has other things in store that are evil and cruel, which would be directed to those like the 'others' I just mentioned and worse. So why would they come in on her command if such things could occur down the road, which would make her look like she sent an invitation that invited tragedy.

Forget about the aliens for a moment and instead (in your mind) remove all of the anger and bitterness from the mouths of the hundreds of thousands of nasty commenters you yourself have witnessed on YouTube and other comment areas (forums especially). After doing so, what kind of world do you think we would live in then? It sorta makes ya wonder.

Personally, I refuse to accept her apology because I do not feel that she needed to apologize to anyone for anything. Ask any channeler what I mean and they'll all know.

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