Monday, January 19, 2009


10 tonight, A&E

A Bloomingdale home with a "haunting presence" that "may be caused by an Indian burial ground in their own back yard" is featured in tonight’s third-season opener of A&E’s "Paranormal State."

The "real-life" series, which chronicles the case files of the Penn State-based Paranormal Research Society (PRS), was filmed at the Colonial-style house in mid-October, a time when many surrounding homes were decorated with faux ghouls for Halloween. Many neighbors reportedly turned out to watch the first night of filming.

To preserve the privacy of the people whose homes are investigated, A&E does not give out full names, and for that reason, we won’t divulge the address either. But here’s how A&E describes the episode titled "Desperate Households":

"When Julie and her family moved into their dream home in suburban New Jersey they quickly realized they were not alone. After several encounters and a looming presence, Julie and her family grew exhausted and became scared for their safety. After a local paranormal [investigator] shares their video and audio evidence of a haunting in the clients’ home, PRS tries to corroborate a local legend about Julie’s back yard – there very well may be an Indian burial ground on the premise."
— Virginia Rohan (North

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