Thursday, January 8, 2009


Ghost Hunters International Recap 2.1: The Ghost Child of Peru
Posted by Ron Martin on 01.08.2009

This week on the season premier of Ghost Hunters International the team takes on a castle in Peru. A new ghost hunter is introduced as is a new upside down visor, a new ghostly child image and new GHI merchandise. As if that wasn't enough, I think Barry has hair now.


That's the sound of my ass hitting the couch in preparation for a new season of Ghost Hunters International. I hope the holidays saw of you get everything you wanted unless what you wanted was ill will towards me, then I hope you got coal instead. I got coal. It ended up being gum, though. I was going to call out some regular commenters as a special holiday treat, but I'm getting started on this later than I wanted too and I gots to work tomorrow morning. For those who need to know, yes the rumors are true; I spent the early morning hours of January 1 passed out in a laundry basket. What better way to bring a new year? See the complete review of this show here.

Ghost Child of Peru - Part 1

Ghost Child of Peru - Part 2

Ghost Child of Peru - Part 3

Ghost Child of Peru - Part 4

Ghost Child of Peru - Part 5

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