Monday, November 10, 2008


Here are a couple of my own pictures I took while in Old Quebec.

Old Quebec, which sits inside of Quebec City is like stepping into a completely different world. It's like we got off of a plane and were in a totally different country as soon as we drove into the old town.

I personally went on this tour. The organization that runs the tour takes what they do very seriously. The tour is layed out so that you can experience parts of the town that really give you the old French theme. That town is absolutely phenomenal and not to be confused with Quebec proper. The two are like day and night.

If you ever get the chance to go to Quebec, I highly recommend you go on this tour. They do backstreets, which add to all of the eeriness. We didn't experience any ghosts but we did learn all about the history of Old Quebec. The guides were like walking, talking history books. My teenager who happens to be a history buff enjoyed it immensely.

I found this video on YouTube today and thought you might enjoy taking a looksee. It was put together for the Old Quebec Ghost Lantern Walk Tour.  OOPS!  The video below is currently dead however go to the following website to see it. >>>

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