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Do you feel your home is haunted? Find out if it is and with what paranormal entity it might be.

Please read each option carefully, then place them in the order of most significant to least. There is a tally and answer available after you're done answering the questions. You may want to first start a sheet of paper with 1-12 and A,B,C and D to keep record.

1. Have you…
A) felt as though you are being watched by unseen eyes?
B) felt a constant presence of energy?
C) occasionally sensed a mild presence?
D) had occasional unsolicited and dark thoughts?

2. Have you…
A) seen a free floating orb or apparition?
B) felt inexplicably tired, sad or angry?
C) experienced repetitive and predicable anomalous activity like invisible footsteps on the stairs or in the hall at specific hours of the day?
D) had things go missing then turn up later in the same place you looked?

3. Have you…
A) felt something unseen touch you or brush up against you?
B) felt uncomfortable only in certain areas of the house?
C) had reoccurring issues with plumbing, electrical or appliances with no explanation?
D) Suddenly smelled a horrible smell with no explanation?

4. Have you…
A) had vivid and inexplicable dreams of ghosts in your house?
B) experienced more illness or depression since living in the home?
C) had toilets flush or taps turn on when no one was using them?
D) felt an evil or manipulative presence in the home or developed violent thoughts, suicidal or homicidal?

5. Have you...
A) seen glimpses of something or someone in your peripheral?
B) noticed that when you are not home, you have more energy and feel happier?
C) seen inexplicable flashes of light coming from the same location more than once?
D) started experiencing night terrors or experiencing scary paranormal activity while trying to sleep?

6. Have you…
A) heard disembodied whispers or voices patiently trying to speak with you?
B) had an overall change in mood and personality since moving into a new house?
C) heard a repetitive voice or noise from a certain location in the house?
D) starting experiencing paranormal activity since you or someone in the home has entered a hormonal change in their life?

7. Have you…
A) discovered within the history of the home that there was a death in the home or nearby?
B) moved into a home that has had one or more previous owners?
C) found doors or windows left open when no one was there?
D) been physically assaulted, pushed or scratched by an unseen force?

8. Have you…
A) had others in your home, guests, children or others in the home, acknowledge seeing an apparition?
B) noticed a feeling of overcast negativity hovering over your new home?
C) noticed occasional anomalous scents in your home, tobacco, perfume, etc.?
D) noticed the paranormal activity heightening and becoming more aggressive the more you notice it or get upset with it?

9. Have you…
A) noticed your pets calmly looking at or passively interacting with seemingly invisible beings?
B) noticed your family members becoming more apt to fight or withdraw since moving?
C) noticed your pet reacting to repetitive noises in the home?
D) noticed your pet behaving frightened for no apparent reason?

10. Have you…
A) noticed considerable drops in temperature occasionally in your home, especially when you feel the presence?
B) lost interest in many of the normal activities you used to enjoy since moving in the new home?
C) noticed that the presence doesn’t seem aware of your existence?
D) had the entity follow you outside the home?

11. Have you…
A) felt someone standing beside or sitting on your bed while you are sleeping?
B) had new physical ailments suddenly appear after moving to this home?
C) noticed only certain lights or appliances to be affected on a regular basis?
D) had the feeling of being possessed, missing time or had the entity claim to be a demon or the devil?

12. Have you…
A) felt that you communicated with the ghost and had a successful response?
B) had obsessive compulsive or paranoid thoughts pertaining to the home?
C) discovered that many people have lived in the home previously?
D) noticed the activity strength will fluctuate or quit suddenly without warning?

Now you know I personally cannot give you the answers. You must see the spirit guide for such things so click here. Don't worrrrrrrry, she doesn't bite. She'll probably just scare the hell out of you. Mauwahah.

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