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Great Google Search find (for me):Shoutout to the exceptional websites maintained on a daily basis by Eileen
Encounters with the Unexplained: The Haunting In Connecticut
Temperature Primer now available in PDF for hauntings
A Haunted College - Part 1
The Paranormal Show at Toronto's Campbell House
Troy Taylor: The man, the legend & his many haunted books
How planets affect formation of nebula and how Seti@home

Featured student organizations at SCSU-Paranormal Society
The Poltergeist Levitation

It Was Just a Little Thing - Paranormal Pastor
The Psychic Component of UFO Phenomena
Haunting suspected in McCloud
Things That Go Bump in the Night Paranormal TV Shows
Are there ghosts in Poway, California?

Paranormal Investigation Onboard USS The Sullivans
Crescent Hotel SkeleCreatures
I Have an Ghosts!
Cryptomundo: Poltergeist Girls
A Scientific Explanation for a Worldwide Paranormal Belief

Dead People in 1700s Were the First Celebrities
Laura Day: financial psychic of who predicted meltdown
The top 10 best paranormal & ghost hunting TV shows

Audio: Spooky sounds from our office - what do you think?
Ghost hunting in Castle Rock - Boulder County Paranormal
Ghost Chasing in Königsberg Cathedral
Spectral Review: Soulseekers DVD's available on Amazon
Sherlock Holme's Creator Spoke to the Dead

Review: Seeing Ghosts by Dave Smeds - E book review
Three Spooky UFO Videos - unexplained


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Pterodactyl on the Bridge - True Tales
Spectre in Springdale - True Tales
Fisher's Haunted House - True Tales
Angel Apparition - True Tales

Toy Phone Call - True Tales
Phantom Car at 3 P.M. - True Tales
Ghoul from the Closet - True Tales
Followed by Dark Beings - True Tales


Radio: Patti Starr joins "The Experience" - Nov 13
Radio: CJ EVP (IDVC) - November 13
Radio: Spirit Finders - Nov 13
Radio: The Sixth Sense - Nov 13
Radio: Raven on the River - Nov 13
Radio: Residual Hauntings Live - Nov 13
Radio: All Around Paranormal - Nov 13
Radio: An Evening with Pure Heart - Nov 13
Radio: JCS - paranormal - Nov 13

Radio: Royce Holleman with Trudy Causey - Nov 13
Radio: PRRS w/ Bill Chappell Digital Dowsing LLC - Nov 14
Radio: Paranormal HMPR Radio - Nov 14
Radio: Paranormal Reality Show - Nov 14
Radio: Lets Talk Ghosts - Nov 14
Radio: ParaWomen - Nov 14
Radio: AARF Show w/Robert W. Morgan - Nov 14
Radio:Paranormal and Economic Psychic Sister Talk! - Nov 14
Radio: Shadows & Lost Souls Radio! - Nov 14
Radio: Chatting with SPR - Nov 14

Radio: The Paranormal Zone - Nov 14
Radio: White Noise - Special Guest: Marc Lemezma - Nov 14
Paranormal Radio: Shadow People with Heidi Hollis - Nov 14
Radio: Thought provoking conversations w/Solana - Nov 14
GCOM ParaRadio: Nov 14
Radio: Lizzie Star & Charn Parker - Nov 14
Radio: Southern Edge Paranormal - Nov 14

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The Paranomaly Radio Network
Radio: Royce Holleman w/Trudy Causey

Radio: Haunted Survivor
Radio: Haunted Southern Nights
Radio: Paranormal Talk!
Radio: Joliet Ghost Hunters Society
Radio: Royce Holleman - UFO Watchtower

Soulseekers Supernatural Radio Welcomes Angela McGhee
Radio: Paranormal Talk!
Dawn Of Shades w/Audrey from French Market of New Orleans

Radio: Nancy Matz - NDE's, OBE's, Ghosts
Radio: L.A. Marzulli on UFO deception
Paranormal Radio: Paranormal Reasearcher Vince Wilson
Radio: After Twilight w/Rose Pressey & friends
Radio: Steven Raebel - Stanley Hotel Review

Sci Fi Schedule - Nov 13
Sci Fi: Tales from the Darkside - 8am to 3:30pm Nov 13
Discovery:A Haunting - The Wheatsheaf Horror - 2pm Nov 13

Sci Fi Schedule - Nov 14
Discovery: A Haunting The Wheatsheaf Horror - 2pm Nov 14
Travel: Ghost Adventures Riddle House - 8pm Nov 14
Travel: Ghost Adventures Sloss Furnace - 9pm Nov 14
Travel Channel: Most Haunted Plas Mawr - 11pm Nov 14

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