Friday, April 17, 2009


Ghosthunters is an experienced Paranormal Research Team which can be made available to investigate reports of Paranormal Activity at Purported Haunted Locations and previously documented Haunted Sites.

Ghosthunters use state of the art science and research equipment to conduct Strictly Confidential Paranormal Investigations to the highest professional level.

We are always busy but will consider all requests to conduct investigations where our 2009 Diary commitments will allow.

If you would like the team to consider your location for our 2009 Diary please make initial contact through our Media Secretary as detailed below.

We are a non profit research team. There are no gimmicks and we are only interested in clarifying the facts of a particular case and obtaining evidence of a Haunting.

Isle of Wight Ghosthunters - UK

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Mike and Julie said...

Nice to see other ghost hunting teams from somewhere else in the world.

Atrueoriginall said...

I think so too. Have you seen the New Zealand videos I have. They're a batch of homegrown UFO Hunters. I like their videos. They're down to earth and 'real' people.

New Zealand Paranormal