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A coach load of tourists arrive at the haunted Ambrose Castle and three of these, two Americans and a young Danish woman decide to stay behind for the night to see if it really is haunted. It isn't long before strange things start to happen and one of the ghosts appears from a painting and later, they confront the Headless Ghost of the title and end up helping him to get reattach his head to his body and achieve this at the end. The Headless Ghost is both a drama and a comedy - 1959.

Three college students, Bill, Donnie, and Ingrid, decide to hide out while on a tour of the old English castle and spend the night. They wonder in this 1st installment if there really are actual ghosts in the castle.

The Headless Ghost - Part 1

Donnie, Bill, and Ingred, the three curious college students, hide out on the castle grounds. They sneak back in and begin exploring. Will they find any ghosts? Will they lose their minds in a deadly encounter with the spirit world? Will anybody give me some of that popcorn?

The Headless Ghost - Part 2

Our intrepid trio, Ronnie, Bill, Ingrid, finally encounter the ghosts. They are given a mission to help lay the ghosts haunting the old castle to rest. It involves a strange poem:

Wing of a bird whose song was never heard,
Snout of a toad who died in the road,

And tossing a pouch of these bizarre ingredients at the portrait of the Headless Ghost so that he can be reunited with his body. But they will face perils and dangers along the way. The biggest one is the fact that the lobby snack bar seems to be closed.

The Headless Ghost - Part 3

As they investigate the dark and creepy castle, Ingrid, Bill, and Ronnie, our three intrepid college students, begin to doubt whether their weird encounter with the spooks was all a wild and imaginative hallucination. But further snooping turns up a wolf and a shrieking bed as the plot churns along. Pirates beckon us to the lobby at the end of this segment for refreshments.

The Headless Ghost - Part 4

The story of our intrepid young ghost hunters continues. Ingrid, Ronnie and Bill join a ghostly banquet where the food looks good but is only an illusion. Will they find the pouch containing the magic ingredients to help poor Sir Malcolm regain his severed head?

The Headless Ghost - Part 5

The mysterious story of the ghost hunting college students Ronnie, Bill and Ingrid winds to a finish. Only one chapter remains to tell us of their success or failure in the haunted castle.

The Headless Ghost - Part 6

Alls well that ends well even in a haunted castle. The trio of college student ghost hunters manage to finally reunite the Headless Ghost, Sir Malcolm with his head and elude capture by the police for trespassing. The ghosts will finally get to rest...or will they? The current Lord Ambrose informs them that he has another room full of family portraits that have been waiting over 500 years to have their turn at being hung in a prominent place on the castle walls. Perhaps new hauntings will continue?

The Headless Ghost - Part 7

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