Wednesday, April 15, 2009

VIDEOS: PARANORMAL STATE - ROOM 37 - In it's entirety

Originally aired April 13, 2009

Room 37 - Part 1

Room 37 - Part 2

Room 37 - Part 3

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Mike and Julie said...

Enjoyed that with my coffee and apple danish....thanks!

jennabee said...

I have stayed at The Thomas House a few times and am planning to go back for an event on june 25th. i never did believe in ghosts, but after the first few hours at the Thomas house i am now a firm believer! I have multiple recordings of the child, a young woman and man speaking and allowing us to know of its presence! Shadows, and videos of things that can not be explained!Darryl, Myself and others all have experienced these un explained occurances.
facebook :JennaBee(kodak, TN)